Being an animal lover, I always find and read about the different species of the cat family like lions, panthers and the others who had some special features and ability. Once I was reading and article on lions and there on my screen i saw a pop up window which was promoting online casino games, if I read my article and then one more pop up appeared on my laptop, it was showing free spins in very bold letters so I clicked on that and that one opened and showed a gaming website where so many slot games but one game had many likes and that was lion’s pride. So I clicked on that and I found many players already played it, it was like you are on the way to African safari and you will get a chance to meet different wild animals without becoming their dinner. This game play has a wide range of free spin round, bonuses and impressive jackpot which you would definitely like.

Lions pride is one of that Slots which can attract anyone due to some outstanding features and also an eye-catching name. Firstly, when you click on the link, you get just amazed by the starting of the game (like the stories in the childhood told by grandparents), and then the sound effects, graphics and animated animals just stole your heart and it force you to click on the play button. After click on this, the layouts of the game are designed with perfection and provide you a chance to win a lot of money including a jackpot (which is ticket for a cruise ship with a stay of 1 day and 2 nights.) The Only way to win through this is to get a same symbol on each of the slots. The symbols which are used in this slot are all animals such as lions, gazelles, tigers and cubs etc. and I hope you will like this pokie like I did.